Monday, April 26, 2010

Easier mini gift albums - Part 3

Here's the last of the mini gift album series (for a while).  The tips for this 8x8 album are the same as the last one, but the papers are so cute (as is the subject matter!), I just had to share.  I made this album for my mother, and it's all about her dog, Cappuccino.  I used papers, embellishments, and ribbon from the same set and supplemented with some cardstock.  The title letters were done with the Blossom QuicKutz font, and I used a number of cut-out flowers with brads as the centers.

Here is the title page:

This next page is with some close ups of the pup:

I used some of the ribbon to frame a picture of one of Cappuccino's favorite activities, playing with a tennis ball:

This last page is to show you some doodling that I did as frames around the pictures and the sticker:

 Oh, okay... since you've asked so nicely, here's one more, just because it's so cute and miraculous:

This is my Mom cuddling both Cappuccino and my cat, Pixel, back when he was still little enough to cuddle.

Guess I should work on making more gift albums so I have more to show you!

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