Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another tangent - what IS it about cats?

They have to be right in the thick of things, always.  I'm in the middle of a project, and Simoon just has to be on top of it.  Even when there's more than enough empty desk space, she decides to relax by balancing on papers, pens, and ink pads while pushing other things off of the desk.  She's pushed a tasty Parmesan crusted stuffed chicken recipe off of my desk twice this week!  (If you make this recipe, I would put the chicken under the broiler for a few minutes to brown the parmesan some.)  Right before the following picture was taken, she knocked off a set of rubber stamps.  She looks pretty comfy, eh?

Look at that huge cat-sized open space on the desk!

Speaking of tasty new chicken recipes from the Kraft Foods website, we tried the Chicken in Creamy Pan Sauce tonight.  Next time, we're doubling the sauce and serving it with egg noodles.  Very tasty!

It's not just when I'm crafting that the cats are pests.  Earlier this week we had our oldest cat, Miss Katy, groomed.  Her long fur was turning into huge clumps of felt again.  Steve could not leave the couch that night - she was on him like white on rice.  He made the best of it by reading.... until:

Pixel makes a better door than a window.  At least he settled down:

Look at our poor Katy!  I hate that they gave her a lion cut.  I know it's best for her, but she looks so sad!  Steve noted today that Katy has "Flashdance" legwarmers, and he made her do the "Maniac" dance.  She was not amused.

Surprisingly, Fe (our youngest kitty) hasn't been a pest lately... Oh, wait, that's right.  She knocked over a basket in the kitchen which nearly landed Steve's iPod in the cats' water.

Now I know there are tons of crafters out there with cats... what antics have they been up to?  Leave me comments, please!  (I'll be happy with dog stories, too!)


  1. Let's see, as I type this Tigger is on my lap trying to eat my fingers. She loves to chew on digits! Onyx loves to craft with me, but she really just wants to take my twist ties (that tie up the cords for my E) and run with them. I can hide them, but she finds them, no matter where I hide them! Give a kiss to Katy for me, poor dear!

  2. See, now, if you get rid of the cats and get a dog you wouldn't have these problems.

  3. Uh, Mom... I don't think so. I remember trying to work on french knots on a scrapbook page (that is a cute technique! I should blog about it...) with a certain someone's DOG on my lap. She's not any better than the cats!

  4. Sylvia, I can relate. Simoon just walked in front of my keyboard a few times demanding some petting. Fe likes twist ties, too, but she's not as persistent about it as Onyx is!

    I did give Katy a kiss last night from "Auntie Sylvia". She deigned to accept it. :)