Friday, November 14, 2014

Jenn's amazing wire creations

I first met Jenn from All-Hallond Designs through a wire wreath that my friend Cindy has hanging in her kitchen.  It's technically a holiday wreath, but it doesn't scream "Christmas," so Cindy has it up all the time.

A few months later, I met the actual Jenn.  She was so nice and has the neatest glasses.  I've watched her work a number of times, and one day she made a very small tree (about 3" tall) with crystals in the branches.  I fell in love with it and asked her to hold it for me because I wanted to give it to my mother for her birthday.  I also ordered a copper one with topaz crystals for Steve's mother's birthday.

Here is the tree I gave to my mother:

It's so CUTE!  Here's the tree I got for my mother-in-law:

That gives you some size perspective.  It's a little bigger than the other tree, but it's still small and cute.  Let's look at it close up:

Along with the tiny trees, she also makes larger ones, wreaths, pumpkins, Christmas spiders, evergreen trees in many different sizes, and much more!  To see pictures of her work, visit her website and click on each of the tiles - more pictures will pop up.

If you'd like to see Jenn and her pieces in person, she will be at the three day Wisconsin Holiday Market, which runs from November 21 through November 23 in Kohler, Wisconsin.  Click the link for more information.

She posts other shows she does throughout the year on the All-Hallond Designs Facebook page.  If you'd like to contact Jenn, you can do so at

Thanks, Jenn, for a pair of lovely little trees!  They're so adorable!

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  1. how adorable!! I'd like an entire forest of these trees :)