Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas stockings by Carol

I met Carol at my bank a few years ago while I was getting singles and fives for a craft show I was about to do.  We got to chatting about my business, and she told me about the Christmas stockings and "device" bags that she makes.  Of course, we became friends.  You gotta love a crafty gal!  Every time I talk to her she asks how my mother is doing, which I think is very sweet.  (Many of my friends ask about Mom - how nice is that?  In case you're not caught up - her cancer is all gone, and she's doing as okay as she can be.)

Carol made a bag for my iPad and one for my mother's Kindle.  I've advertised her Etsy shop on the right side of my blog ever since.

I asked Carol to send me a bunch of pictures of her items so I could share her with all of you!  Since it's close to Christmas, she sent me pictures of some of her stockings.  They're so pretty!  Click the links under the pictures to be taken directly to the item in her Etsy shop, The Storybook Cottage.  Before you order, though, you'll want to read down to the end for a coupon code!

I'll let her tell you about her work in her own words:
Right now I am focusing on my unique Christmas Stockings. I offer many themes. Some of them are: Breast Cancer, Marine Corps, US Navy, Thomas the Tank Engine, Cows, Horses, Giraffes, Dragons, Angels and Nativity and more. I take special request if a customer wants a certain theme. That's how I "happen" to offer Giraffes & Dragons. Next a steampunk theme ??
Over the years I have heard very many heartwarming stories. Two stories are from ladies who bought Marine Corps stockings and had met up with their high school sweetheart after many years and they were thrilled to surprise their Marine on Christmas Day. I just sold a Breast Cancer stocking to a lady that wanted it personalized for her friend, "who might not have too many Christmases left." Another comment from a grandmother who bought a Thomas the Train one: "This is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. You are going to make one little 3 year old boy very happy this Christmas."
All the stockings I design and make myself. I even designed the shape, which is unique in itself. So many look just like an L. I also fully line them in a variety of prints and always make a handmade loop out of the fabric for hanging. Not just adding a piece of ribbon like so many others.
Most of them I add decorative feather stitching on the cuff and toe and festive rickrack and satin bows and sparkly stars or snowflakes and jingles bells are usually added to the tippy toe. Usually the Marine ones I don't add bows because they are for guys.

I have created a coupon code for your readers: MIXMEUP2. It offers a 10% discount and is good until December 31, 2014.
I also make covers/bags for tablets, Kindle, iPads, Laptops, Macbook, Surface and all the devices up to 13". They are padded with two layers of fusible fleece and usually lined in flannel. They all come with a large front pocket which is padded and topstitched twice. Most of the other ones don't pad the pocket or topstitch it. I also offer many add-ons/upgrades. They are: two extra front pockets, four back corners, long shoulder strap and a velcro flap closure. I don't have a lot of choices right now, but will focus on that after the Christmas season.

Wow!  Aren't these nice?  I have one last one to show you, which is perfect for about 99.9% of the people who live in Wisconsin (it's quite the phenomena and one we haven't gotten used to yet in our six years of living here):

Hmm... I can't find a listing for this one.  It must have sold.  I'm sure she can make another one, so contact Carol through her Etsy shop.  There's a "Contact the shop owner" link and a "Request Custom Order" button on the left side.

Remember the coupon code - MIXMEUP2 - good for 10% off through 12/31/2014.

Thanks, Carol, for letting me share your beautiful stockings with my readers!

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