Monday, May 31, 2010

The mystery is solved!

My mother-in-law posted a comment on my previous blog post that the unexplained stand is for clip earrings.  She even found a link to an item on Etsy that's for sale which looks exactly like it.

I e-mailed the seller and asked how she knew it was for clip earrings, and she said purchased one from an estate sale years ago - they had clip earrings on it and beaded necklaces hung from the handle.  She even sent me another link for another one of these for sale on Etsy.

Amazing!  I do have a few pairs of clip earrings, and I'll be using this stand to show them at the next craft fair I do.

Thanks for finding this in your basement, John!  Thanks for figuring out what it is, Mama!  Thanks to everyone who checked it out yesterday (I had a surge in page views!).

And, since it is Memorial Day, thank you to all who have served our country, from my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War to my father, stepfather, and father-in-law who were in Vietnam to those who are serving today.

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