Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mom's altered book - part 2

Any time my Mom and stepfather go away on vacation, they send postcards.  I wanted to include a few of them in the book I gave her but wanted both sides to be visible.

For two of the postcards, I used a pair of decorative scissors to cut a few of the pages from the book leaving a flap, and I stapled the postcards to it:

I used a lot of travel stickers on these pages to cover up the text.  When you turn the page, you can read what Mom wrote:

For the other postcard, I cut a hole in another page of the book and secured the postcard with ribbon on all 4 sides:

In hindsight, I would have cut a hole in 2 or 3 pages instead of one.  This page is a little flimsy, but it still works.  Flip this page, and you can see the other side of the postcard:

Nope, that's not my actual address.  :)

Since I'm sure you're really curious about what the playing cards are for, here's a bonus picture:

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