Friday, May 14, 2010

Mom's altered book - part 4

We always laugh about certain traits that my grandmother, my mother, and I all share, and we call them "Kant woman traits", after my mother's maiden name.  I guess since we include my grandmother, it should be "Grapatin" woman traits, for her maiden name, but "Kant" is far easier to say.  :)  I'm not even sure I spelled Grapatin correctly, anyway.

When I was flipping through the Mothers and Daughters book I found a section on Cathy Guisewite, the woman who writes the Cathy comic, and her mother.  A number of the sentences in the passage seemed to really fit in with our Kant woman traits, so I highlighted them by drawing a box around them.  I added pictures and other traits to the page to block out the stuff that didn't apply:

I used the negative of "Kant" which I cut out for the cover page as an embellishment on this page.  I like how the text shows through.  I also included my Mom's dog, Cappuccino, as a Kant woman because she likes to chew on her necklace (collar), too.

Here's the second page:

While my Mom still had the last name of "Southern" (before she married John) everyone would ask if she was the actress, even though the actress was Ann Sothern.  When I went to California I made sure to pose with my surrogate mother.

That's it for today's edition!  The moral of the story is that you can use the text of the book you're altering to help you tell your own story.

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