Friday, November 15, 2013

Product review - Santa key from Oriental Trading Company

This will be the quickest review in history.  :)  Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be at the Mitchell Park Domes for our annual Jewelry at the Domes sale, and today I set my table up:

Tonight Steve and I are going to a comedy show we bought a Groupon for.  Busy busy busy!

But I have just enough time to review something I recently bought and to show you what I did with it.

I was flipping through the Oriental Trading Company catalog and found this:

Pewter Santa keys with this saying on the card:

If you have no chimney
on Christmas Eve,
Awaiting the presents
that Santa will leave,
Just hang this key
by the door for him,
And all the gifts
will be left within.
So cute, and so beadable!  They come in a pack of 12 for only $12.50.

Once you remove the card, it looks like this:

The back is flat, but that did not hinder my beading efforts, and the keys look to be very good quality.  I do wish the little dip in the middle of the loop wasn't there, but I don't think it will hang crooked.

I stitched two strips for the shaft of the key and one for the loop:

I did one in red with green nubs, too.  I think they're adorable, and I hope they sell!  If anyone wants to get the Keys for Santa from Oriental Trading Company, let me know at, and I'll send you guidelines for how I stitched the above key.

Since the key is pewter, it's probably best to not let any children suck on it.  Of course, you wouldn't let your children suck on jewelry anyway, so it's probably a moot point.

Off I go!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Best of luck today with the show! I think the keys are charming.