Saturday, July 31, 2010

CHA Part 1 - Door Prize!

Hi!  I was hoping to do just one post about the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) Craft SuperShow, but it will end up being at least two.

I had such a great time at the Cricut Circle event yesterday morning and at the show.  I met Cyndy, a fellow Circlet who lives not too far away from me.  We hung out for the entire day, and I had lunch and dinner with her and her husband (thanks again, Cyndy and Ed!).  I'll talk more about the show tomorrow.

We were just about to leave - it was nearly 7:30, we were exhausted, and we were hungry - and I said, "Oh, we need to check the door prize bulletin board.  We won't be on there, but we should check."  Well...

I squeed.  Loudly.  I couldn't believe it!  We almost didn't stop to look!  There was so much to look at all day, and so much to remember to go back to.  Cyndy took my picture after I got my prize, but I was still twitching and jumpy, so the picture didn't turn out all that well.  Here it is anyway:

Okay - so what did those two bags hold?  First of all, let me profusely thank for donating these products.  Definitely check out their website - I've taken a quick look at it so far, and you can browse by color including PURPLES!  Woo hoo!  I'm definitely going to bookmark the site for later browsing.

Using my couch as a background, here's what I won:

Most of everything was separated into zippable plastic bags.  The following pictures show what was in those bags and what the loose items are:

Enormously huge photo corners in a variety of colors and patterns by Heidi Swapp, Two-fold fasteners in a number of colors by Magic Scraps, and flowers by Imaginisce.

Four stamps from Heidi Swapp - date stamps in two styles and two word stamps.

Felt die cut shapes from Magic Scraps, rub-ons (my husband calls them dry transfers) from Imaginisce and Imagination Project, and chipboard photo corners from Imagination Project.

Twelve inch long chipboard borders by Li'l Davis Designs.

Ribbon, chipboard letters, chipboard embellishments and large glittery words from Li'l Davis Designs.

Anthology Kit by Bare Elements including paper, stickers, and project ideas.

Bliss Kit by Bare Elements including paper, stickers, and project ideas.

Chipboard letter circles by Imagination Project, chipboard alphabet (self-adhesive!) by Heidi Swapp, sticker sheets in two different color schemes by Scrapworks, and virtual metal alphabet stickers (including purple!) by Magic Scraps.

They even included a few holidays:

Chipboard letter circles in Halloween colors by Imagination Project and Halloween stickers, rub-ons, and glittery "Eye of Newt" brads from Imaginisce.

Christmas!  Two sheets each of double-sided paper by Creative Imaginations and Imaginisce (this is great - I prefer double-page layouts), and rub-ons, stickers, polar fleece felt shapes, and foam stamps by Imaginisce.

Whew!  This is quite a lot of stuff!  My mind is now aflutter with ideas, and I can't wait to get started!

Thank you CHA and!  (Update: make sure you read the comments for this post for a note and discount code from - thanks!!)


  1. Thanks Traci! We are thrilled you enjoyed your prize and so happy you were the won!!

    For all of your friends that follow your blog, we will offer $5.00 flat rate shipping on orders over $25.00 OR FREE shipping on orders over $50.00, just mention "Traci's Blog" in the notes/comments section of the order and the amount will be deducted once the order IS PULLED, WEIGHED AND PROCESSED.



    Kristi Coy

  2. Wow! Thank you Kristi! Okay, everyone - let's go shop!!


  3. That was alot of stuff in those two lille bags! I'm so very happy you won!
    And, Kristi's offer is very nice!