Monday, June 21, 2010

Steve's first jewelry project

As I mentioned in my last post, Steve purchased a number of items at the Bead&Button Show as a challenge for me.  Since I had never worked with chain and usually have smaller focal pieces, he picked a large art deco-style pendant, chain, crystals, and a few other pieces for me to make a necklace.  Most of the pieces are from Designer's Findings in their "Vintage Reflections" collection.

After I came home from the Show that night, he laid everything out in a few different ways that he had been thinking about.  I offered that he make the necklace, and he surprisingly agreed!  A few nights later (Tuesday, June 15th, if you're keeping track of these things), I sat down with the green tubular peyote necklace that is still nowhere near to being done, and Steve sat down with his purchases, some tools, and a teeny-tiny drill.  The focal piece didn't have holes where he wanted them, so he drilled them!

Here's a picture of him working on the necklace:

One of the "interstitial" pieces:

It's nearly done:

He was working so feverishly that we had to turn down the A/C - you can see his glasses fogging up.  Fe behind him was unimpressed throughout this whole process, but I was very pleased with how fast it was going together and how few questions Steve asked.  In no time the necklace was complete, and I had only added about an inch to my peyote tubular necklace.

I wore the finished piece to lunch on Friday and to a crafty get-together later that night.  Everyone was in agreement that Steve did a phenomenal job on his first jewelry project.  Well, the train guys at lunch didn't say that, but they did look impressed (as impressed as train guys ever look).

You know, the thing about this blog is that I have more pictures taken of myself than I usually allow.  I like to joke that if we ever have children, they won't know what I look like based on my scrapbook pages (I'm hardly ever pictured).  However, now they will know, and they will be able to see all of my fabulous jewelry right after it was made!


  1. Very nice necklace! I love the colors, and my monitor probably doesn't do them justice. Traci, do you have some good online resources for jewelry supplies? My youngest daughter is a jewelry-making enthusiast but we're limited to what we can find at Walmart and Michael's.

  2. Hi, Claudia! I started typing a reply for you here, but it's turning out so long that I'm turning it into a blog post. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Way to go Steve. Perhaps there is a whole new career in store for you. The piece is really lovely. Remember, my birthday is coming up (well not until October) but never too early to start making plans for lovely pieces of jewelry.