Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cute glass flower project

One of my finds at the Bead&Button Show was a cute black and white glass flower made by Bronwen Heilman.  I met her at the Meet the Teachers event on Wednesday night and really enjoyed talking to her.  I chatted with her throughout the weekend, and during my shopping excursion I wasn't able to get much, but I fell in love with this flower bead.

Over the next few days I thought about how I could best show this cutie off.  It would get lost in a necklace.  Less so in a bracelet, but..... a RING!  I could make a simple peyote band and sew the flower on with a small bead in the center.

In just a short amount of time (one evening that included a lot of chatting with friends and part of another evening that included watching TV and chatting with my husband), I had it:

Here's a picture of the ring on my finger so you can get a sense of how big it is:

The best part of this ring?  The flower turns!  I'm a fidgeter, so this is perfect for me.

Again - this flower was made by Bronwen Heilman at gHosTcOw GlassWorks, and you can check out some of her gorgeous beads and finished jewelry at  I bet if you contact her she'll tell you how to get one or more of these flowers, either in black and white like mine or in other colors - she had some cute combinations!  If you make a project with these beads, e-mail pictures to me at, and I'll post them here.  While you're talking to Bronwen, tell her Traci said hi!


  1. I have really been enjoying the posts and all the bling!