Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2015 Bead&Button Show online class browsing is open!

I know I said I was going to take a break from blogging, but I thought I'd pop back in to give you links to the 2015 Bead&Button Show online class catalog in general and my direct class links.

To view all of the classes and search for specific classes based on date/time, technique, skill level, instructor, keyword, and any combination of those, click here.  Once the search results come up, click the individual classes to see the detailed information.

SDN15 - Intertwined Pyramids bracelet

Saturday, June 6, 2015
9:00a – 5:00p (with two hour break)
Page 87 in the print class catalog
Direct online class link: http://www.beadandbuttonshowstore.com/b151636.html
Would you believe this bracelet started with a bunch of flat triangles?  Learn how to stitch the basic “SDN15″ triangle, make a pyramid out of it, intertwine two pyramids into a single unit, and stitch them together for this bold, lacy bracelet.  Instructions for earrings will be included, and I’m sure I’ll be throwing a few other things in, too.


Sunday, June 7, 2015
9:00a – noon
Bead&Button Show – online registration opens January 6 at 12:00p CST
Page 93 in the class catalog
Direct online class link: http://www.beadandbuttonshowstore.com/b151414.html
Dance with Super Duos, Rizos, and crystals as you stitch back and forth to add scalloped edges to a modified Right Angle Weave base.  Instructions for matching earrings will be included.

Registration information

Before you register for classes you need to register for your badge.  That gets you into the Bead&Button Show marketplace and allows you to register for classes.  Click here to order your badge, which costs $35.  You can order your badge now, and it's best to do so before class registration opens.  There's a flurry of students registering for classes when the gates open, and you don't want to be slowed down by having to register for your badge first.  Classes by big-name folks fill up right away.

Online class registration opens on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at noon CST.  Mark your calendars now!

I hope to see you in one or both of my classes!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Taking a break

It's the end of the year.  Christmas is coming, and I have a few shows in the next few weeks.  I'm lining up classes and shows for next year, and I have some new designs that need tutorials.  I also have Lindstrom tools to continue working with so I can write reviews for you.

Because of all of this and more, I've decided to take a break from blogging until January.

I'm still planning on posting little tidbits on my Creative Pursuits Facebook page, so please look me up there.  I know that Facebook is minimizing the exposure that group and business pages get (they want us to pay to advertise), but I think that if you like some posts and/or write comments then you'll still see posts from these pages in your news feed.  I'm not positive about that, but if you've noticed that your feed mysteriously doesn't have posts from some groups or businesses, that may be why.  You can still get to them by typing a page name in the search bar at the top of Facebook.

While I'm busily trying to whittle down my to do list, I'd like to know what you'd like to read in my blog.  I've tried this before, but there haven't been many suggestions.  Please leave a comment on this post.  Tell me you read my blog.  Tell me what you like and don't like.  Tell me what crafts you'd like me to write about.  I've been feeling a bit like I'm blogging in a black hole, and I'd like to know I'm not.

I hope to hear from you, and I hope you have a healthy, happy, and safe December.  See you in January or on Facebook!