Saturday, October 22, 2011


Things have been popping over here in Creative Pursuits land!  On October 2nd I had a table at the Milwaukee Bead Show (sponsored by Knot Just Beads) where I sold tutorials and kits of my designs and sets of mini keys with some guidelines and patterns.

These mini keys are adorable - they're scrapbook embellishments from 7gypsies that have shapes that match their larger keys.  By mini I mean mini - 18mm (3/4") long.  Here's a picture of a set of keys that I've stitched beads around:

and here is a picture of them with a necklace I designed called "Tubed Key, or Not Tubed Key?":

I'm getting off topic again.  So sorry!

Suffice it to say that I was happy with how the show went.  My husband was an enormous help, and he was such a good salesman  He said that he just listened to what I was saying and parrot it back, but it sounded like he really knew what he was talking about!  Thanks, Steve!

The main reason for the Huzzah! is that one of my classes was accepted for the 2012 Bead&Button Show!  "Shadowed Diamonds" will be taught on Sunday, June 10, 2012 from 9 to noon.

Here are a few pictures of the bracelet in different colorways:

Online registration opens Tuesday, January 10th at noon (CST).  I'm hoping that my class will sell out right away, and they will add another class.  It could happen!

Also, I found out recently that my "Parenthetical Petals" bracelet will be in a future issue of BeadStyle magazine!  I haven't signed any paperwork or anything, but the editor said it's in!  She thinks it'll be in the March or May issue.  Here's what the bracelet looks like:

How cool is that?  I hope I didn't just jinx it by posting before I've signed paperwork.  I'll keep you updated!

For the rest of this year, I have a number of shows where I will be selling my jewelry, vinyl decals, magnets, and other things:

  • November 3-6:  Loominosity.  This is a show and sale that the Wisconsin Handweaver's guild and the Loose Bead Society of Greater Milwaukee is putting on at the New Berlin Public Library in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  This is the second year LBS has joined with the Handweavers for their 61st annual exhibit and sale.  Come and see the amazing hand-woven items and the gorgeous jewelry!  The times vary, so please see the postcard on the Loominosity page.

  • November 12-13, 9:00-4:00: Jewelry in the Domes. While the Mitchell Domes Show Dome is between exhibits, Loose Bead Society members will sell their work.  Craft shows at the Domes have done very well, and this is their first all jewelry show, and it'll be all LBS members!  We're so excited about this show, and I'm sharing a table with a few friends because of scheduling conflicts not all of use can be there the full 2 days.

  • December 3, 9:00-2:00 (I think):  This craft show and cookie sale is at the St. John's United Church of Christ in Waukegan, Illinois.  I've done this show a number of times, and while it's usually slow, I always have a good time and enjoy the people (other vendors and the ladies from the church who run the show).  I'm really hoping for more traffic this year and have been discussing ways to get the word out with the show coordinator.  Perhaps an event on Facebook?  They have advertised in a number of different places in the past, but it hasn't really worked.  Anyone have any ideas?  Leave a comment or e-mail me directly.

  • December 4, 9:00-2:00:  Every year the St. Francis De Sales Church in Lake Geneva, WI has a well attended Advent Breakfast.  This year they're adding a craft/vendor fair, and my dad and I will both have tables.  Dad is a woodworker and has beautiful salt and pepper shakers and grinders, wine bottle openers, a chess board, and more!  I'm going to focus on my vinyl decals and magnets but will also have my jewelry for sale.

Yup, I'm gonna be a busy girl!  I will make sure to carve time out of all my preparations to post more blogs.  I have lots of things to show you!

Come to think of it - all that stuff should go on my website.  Off I go...