Sunday, April 15, 2012


Back in June, in my Time blog post, I not only complained about the lack of time and list numerous time quotes, I also showed you a train magnet I put on Steve's car.  His response at the time was unfavorable, but it grew on him.  Then one day he came home and said he was sad.  He had gone through the car wash, and the magnet had disappeared.  My friend Michele had the same thing happen to the peace sign magnet which was on her car.  I get around this by having the rain wash my car.  :)

So the time I was looking for back in June to remake the train magnet smaller finally came.  It took a while because I had numerous problems cutting.  I had designed and received approval for a smaller train with 3 passenger cars, and I had welded everything together so there would be just one cut.  However, the Cricut had other ideas and messed up the cut.  There was no reason for it.  I was watching like a hawk one time, and it just... messed up.

After the swearing, I decided to try cutting just the engine and coal car.  That cut fine.  Hmm.... I didn't have time to cut the passenger cars, so the engine and coal car went on the fridge.  Some time passed, and I finally cut the passenger cars.  That worked just fine.  Very odd.  Steve was carpooling, so I put the train on his car right before he got home.  He noticed it the next morning and is happy again!

I also cut a new peace sign for my friend and will be giving it to her tomorrow.

The moral of the story... take your magnets off before going through the car wash!  Also, don't cut such a huge welded item.  It won't work.