Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas and stuff

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and good cheer all around!

This will be a very short post because Steve says dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.  This is my Christmas present for you.  :)

While I was having insomnia last night, I was thinking of what my New Year's resolutions would be.  I typically don't do this, but one thing stuck out in my head: I should create more.  Whether it's adding to my quote book, making simple earrings, stitching, scrapping, knitting, crocheting, or whatever, I need to be doing it more.  So I am publicly saying that I will not only create more, but that I will try to create something new every day and will post it here.  The only exceptions will be days I'm at shows or teaching, but every other day I will do my best to make something and show it to you.

I'd be happy to post things you've created, too.  Feel free to e-mail me a picture at traci@creative-pursuits.biz.

Since Steve says it's 5 minutes until dinner, I'll quickly describe how I made these ornaments:

I was going to take a picture of them on the Christmas tree, but Steve said I can't go into the living room for some reason.

So these ornaments are made completely from scrapbooking supplies.  The green is an acrylic rectangle embellishment, the hanger is beaded wire I bought just like that (although you could bead your own wire), the silver Christmas trees are brads, the background (the Christmas trees) is scrapbook paper, and the sayings are rub-ons (or, as Steve calls them, "dry transfers").

That's it!  Dinner is about ready.  Merry Christmas, and please be safe when you're traveling!

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