Friday, October 18, 2013

Yarn PREview: From the Deborah Norville collection

Once again I don't really have anything to review.  This week has been a slow one as far as doing new things.  I have done some beading but don't really have anything to show you, except perhaps the Jack O' Lantern key I have up on Etsy (click the picture to go to the listing):

On Tuesday I'll show you the earrings I made for my mother for her birthday.

Since I had feverishly finished the Colorfully Modern Cardigan (if you missed that, click here), I really wasn't up to start another project or finish the damnable hooded cardigan, but Steve's coworker's wife had false contractions yesterday, so I surveyed what yarn I had then went to Ravelry to pick a pattern.  She's really due in late November, but I should probably not wait any longer.  It was quite a confusing few hours, but I finally picked what I want to make.  I won't tell you what it is in case I can't do it or change my mind (or if she reads this blog).  :)

The yarn I'll be using is Serenity Sock Weight from the Deborah Norville Collection.  Yup, that Deborah Norville - the journalist from Inside Edition who spent a week as an inmate in a North Carolina penal institution.  You can check out her website for information about her, the books she's written (on a wide range of subjects), her yarn collection, and all things Deb!

Turns out that (like Vanna White) Deb's an avid crafter, and she has quite the collection of yarns from Serenity Sock Weight (which I'll be using on this baby project) to a gorgeous yarn I'll talk about it a bit.

The Serenity Sock Weight is a blend of 50% Superwash Merino Wool (Superwash means it can go in the washing machine, I guess), 25% Rayon, and 25% Nylon.  It's pretty soft, and the colors I have are very pretty and muted, which I favor.

This one is called "Hot Pink".  Don't adjust your set - it really is that light.  I wonder what a "soft pink" would look like.

My mother had bought a bunch of this yarn when she was trying to find a substitute for a multi-colored worsted weight yarn for an afghan.  She tried using two strands of this Serenity yarn (one of pink, one of green), but it didn't look right.  She gave up and gave me the yarn, since I was making socks.

If you're interested in more information about the Serenity Sock Weight yarn, including a free sock pattern, click here for Deb's page.  To see what colors are available, click here for striped and here for solids on the Premier Yarns website.

Now onto the cool yarn I saw today at my local Michaels:  Fleece yarn!  I would probably never have noticed it if I hadn't run into a friend in the yarn section.  She had a ball of it, and I was very intrigued.  It's called Cuddle Fleece, and it's about a quarter inch wide strip of patterned fleece that you can use for super-quick projects.  The wrapper showed a bulky scarf, but my friend is going to make a hat for her mother.  She showed me where she got it, and lo and behold!  There's a purple!

"Don't you need a new hat or scarf, Traci?" my friend devilishly asked.  "I think I might!" I replied.  Well, I didn't get one this time, but I have a feeling a skein might fall into my basket on my next visit to Michaels.

I believe this is the color that my friend bought:

That should give you an idea of what it looks like.  Neat!

Here's the page on the Premier Yarns website for Cuddle Fleece.  I couldn't find a page for it on Deborah Norville's website.  I think the purple one I saw is called "Sassy", but the picture looks a lot pinker than the one I saw in the store.

Has anyone used this fleece or any of Deborah Norville's other yarns?  Please let me know at, and I'll post about it.

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