Thursday, July 19, 2012

A place for everything, part 3

Okay - I have 45 minutes before I have to leave for an appointment.  Is it possible for me to blog in under 45 minutes?  Let's find out!

And, GO!

Before we get started, I finally figured out my "Guns in the Sky" earworm.  Steve is reading Heinlein's Tunnel in the Sky, and it's sitting on the kitchen table.  If you haven't watched the video I linked to yesterday, don't.  It's rather stupid.  The lead singer is strutting down a hallway over and over and over again.

To catch people up who may be new to my blog (because you all have told your friends, right?), click the following links to read all about my studio and what I've been doing:

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So after cleaning out the closet and getting all of those lovely empty containers grouped together, I had a dilemma.  I wanted to put my scrapbooking totes (the one I carry to crops, the sticker one, the Coluzzle one) and all the various paper, uh, I don't know what they're called.  They're divided up, close at the top, and there's a handle.  Anyway, I wanted all of those things plus the boxes of paper (yes, I really have that much paper) all on one shelf, but the one I could easily reach wasn't tall enough.  Then I noticed that the top shelf could be moved.  The owner before us actually was the architect for the house, and there are all kinds of neat built-in things here - my desk, shelves in a few closets, two china cabinets in the dining room, hooks and what-nots all over the place that make life a bit easier.  And he planned for the ability to move shelves around in my studio.  Yay, Mr. Nissen!

I huffed and I puffed and I blew the shelf up onto to the next level.  No, that's not right.  Well, I did huff and puff, but I couldn't get the shelf anywhere but diagonal.  It's heavy, and I'm not all that good with spatial reasoning.  Steve comes home, and in less than 5 seconds the shelf has been moved.  Totally not fair.

After dinner we discussed what could be put on the top shelf, and he brought up two smaller bins from the basement (yes, we really do have that many empty containers, bins, and boxes lying around the house), and we moved the yarn into those from the bigger bin that won't fit on the shelf in its new configuration (the empty bin went downstairs).  Here's what that shelf now looks like:

The messenger bag (that my MIL sent me from Land's End. I LOVE this bag!  It's so ROOMY!) holds my current projects.  There's a project plastic basket behind it with all kinds of things, and the yarn and thread waiting to be used is next to it.  Confession time - that's not all of my yarn and thread.  I have two XXXXX large Ziploc bags in another closet with more yarn.  This is nothing, though.  When I moved I donated boxes of yarn to my friend who's a Girl Scout leader.  Also, I have a bunch of thread I had gotten on eBay a number of years ago that I'm going to release back into the universe.  I wanted to make a tablecloth and even have a pattern in mind, but after 10 years (or more!) I haven't started it yet.  Besides, try as we might, we can't get the cats to stay off of the dining room table, and Fe is really good at snagging things.  So off it's going to go as soon as I have the time.  If anyone wants more information about it, let me know, and I'll send off the particulars.

After some messing around, the next shelf is perfect to hold all of the scrapbooking things that I wanted to put on that shelf.  I have to say that because I have a bunch more scrapbooking things that will not fit on that shelf.  Here's how that looks now:

Yes, that's the Cricut in the front and Cricut cutting mats on the door.  That box on top of all of the totes is my vinyl and magnets.  I can still get my working tote out without disturbing anything, which is the most important thing.

But, Traci, you wanted a dedicated Cricut station!  A place where you could set up your Cricut and just leave it there for all of your creative paper needs!

Yes, reader, that is true.  However, the cutting mats are 24 inches long (plus the border).  That means I need about 24 inches on either side of the Cricut, or about 50 inches (including the width of the machine) plus 16-20 inches wide.  That means bringing that light-blinded table back up here, which I will not do.  It'll just become a dumping ground  again.  I don't use the Cricut all that often, and the kitchen counter is a good place for when I do need it.  We've been keeping it clean.

The moral of this blog post is that when you manage your closet space effectively, you can put an awful lot in there.  I still have one shelf free in this closet and one in the hall closet.  I am confident that I will not need to bring in either short bookcase or the purple rolling cart.  One bookcase has been moved into the bedroom, so that's out no matter what.  :)

Two more quick pictures, then I have to dash.  My desk has borne the brunt of the chaos (including piles that have been falling off).  Simoon seems to thrive in this chaos:

The black thing in the center is the cat

And Pixel luxuriates in emptiness:

Okay - time!  It's 10:59.  It's a miracle!  I finished the blog through posting on Facebook, chatting with Sylvia in Facebook chat, and a phone call from Kathy!

One last thing before I go - please click this link and vote for Michelle Kearney's necklace.  Share it on your Facebook page and get others to vote.  She is an amazing woman who creates beautiful jewelry with her mouth.  Yes, her mouth.  Not on a whim but because she has no other option.  Vote as much as you can, please.

Now I have to run.  I hope there are no typos or grammar problems, because I don't have time to re-read.  I'll fix any Steve finds when I get back.


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