Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Bead&Button Show recap #1

The Bead&Button Show ended about a week and a half ago, and I think I'm recovered enough to start sharing some of my experiences with you!  There will be three or four installments, and I'll keep them fairly short with lots of pictures.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to have a table at the Meet the Teachers Reception.  It was great fun, and I saw a number of people that I only seem to see at that reception.  One of them was Jenny, a student in my Shadowed Diamonds B&B class in 2012.  She showed me a picture of her latest bracelet.  I loved the colors so much that I asked her to send me the picture so I could show you:

I really love that she's still making this bracelet and that she's switching it up!  I usually use white or light colors for the background (where she has the black), but this is so dramatic.  I may have to make up another colorway or two for kits.  Thanks, Jenny!

Also at Meet the Teachers, there was a minion running around:

This is really Juanita, a fellow Loose Bead Society member.  She "minions" for Sharon Peters of Smart Ass Glass and really got into it this year!  Juanita is really dedicated.  If you'd like to see Sharon's glass pieces, check out her website.  They are always whimsical and fun!

Wandering around the marketplace on Friday and Sunday, I met some new people and stopped by some old friends.  I'll show you new friends next week.

Here's one of my oldest friends (in amount of time I've known her, not age!), Brenda Schweder, showing off her Now That's a Jig! and Now That's a Pliers! (that last link is a video about the new pliers):

That's Jill, another Loose Bead Society member, behind Brenda.  There are always bunches of us wandering around the Show, usually in bunches!

I always make sure I stop by and harass Cynthia McEwen and Karen Ovington.  They're nice ladies and make beautiful glass pieces.  You can see some of their pieces in the post I wrote last year (click here for them and other vendors).  This year, I thought I'd just take pictures of them, but I wish I had gotten nicer pictures of interesting items in front of them.

Here's Cynthia McEwen:

 And here are the little heads in front of her:

Those are new, so I don't think they've made it to her gallery yet.  I recommend checking out her gallery - she has beautiful pieces!

Here's Karen Ovington:

And here's a really crappy picture of the little heads in front of her:

I think these two must have a lot of fun in their studios!  To see more of what Karen does, check out her website's beads page.

Well, I think that's enough for now.  Check back next week for more!

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