Friday, May 15, 2015

Faster review searching!

I have recently made some changes to my Creative Pursuits website and wanted to share them with you!

In my last post, the one with the free instructions for a two-strand strung bracelet, I briefly mentioned that I have a shop page for Xuron tools.  That's available here or from the "Shop Creative Pursuits" menu on my website.  On that page I've included links to the products' reviews (and one for the bracelet instructions).

While I was searching for the reviews to put on that page, I thought, "I really wish there was an easier way to find all of the different reviews I've written.  I seem to constantly be searching for them!"  Well, I don't know if it was really that coherent or if was more like, "AARRGGH!  NEED BETTER SYSTEM!"

So today I added some options to my "Blog" menu on my website:

The top option and first sub-menu option - "Blog" and "Mix Me Up! blog" - will bring you to the main blog page, and you'll see my newest post.

Below that are two specific product reviews for the IPOW rechargeable LED lights and the "New" Fireline.  Those will eventually be moved in with other product reviews as I get to them, but for now I wanted them right on the menu.

The final two options are for my tool reviews.  I split Xuron tools off from the other tools.

Here's a screenshot of the Xuron tool review page:

And here's a screenshot of the other tool review page:

Over time I'll be adding other pages, including knit/crochet (books, yarn, tools, etc.), books (jewelry, craft, knit, other), products (non-tool), and fun (my favorite Japanese restaurant, my husband, etc.).

Please let me know what you think of the pages and if it helps you find what you need to find faster.  I know it'll help me out a lot!

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