Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A few repairs for my Aunt Nancy

This weekend was the Southern family reunion (my dad's side of the family).  Since I couldn't remember how long my aunt likes her bracelets, this was the perfect time to do the repairs she asked me to do a number of months ago.

The first was easy and needed no Nancy-vention:

I don't know if that was the original attachment, but it was clearly not up to the task.  It was just one piece of wire bent up on either side, and it wasn't very sturdy.  With a piece of wire, I made a wrapped loop on either end, trapping the loops of the pendant and the necklace.  It took a few tries to get the length right, but I think it turned out very well:


The second piece was a bracelet where the elastic was breaking down:

I wish I liked elastic, but it gets brittle and breaks, or it starts fraying and breaking like this one:

After measuring my aunt's wrist and discussing that she wanted to keep the style of the bracelet, this is what I came up with during Saturday's picnic:

I'm probably going to remake the dangle with a copper headpin.  That will look better.  I have two beads left over, so I'm going to make earrings.

The third bracelet had no problems, but it was too small.  In fact, it was very beautifully made:

It had a short chain on the end, and Aunt Nancy thought I could just replace it, but then down the line we'd be right back here again.  I remade it using a toggle clasp and adding a few of my rice pearls that perfectly match the white/ivory/whatever ones that were on the bracelet:

The greens are really a lot prettier than how they look here.

It fits her well, and she's thrilled.  Yay!  We also discussed colors for a necklace I'm going to make her, so I can get to work on that.  There's another repair I have to make which will come first, but I won't discuss that until it's done.

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  1. Well done Traci! Your relatives are fortunate to have you in the clan!