Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Other folks' spaces, part 3

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, not Tuesday, but I'm only a day late (and at least a dollar short).  This will be the final installment of "Other folks' spaces".  If you missed the first parts, click here:  part 1, part 2.

Our last spaces are Tammy Rae's, Kate's, and Jeane's.  All three ladies are from the Loose Bead Society.  I hope you enjoy!

Tammy Rae

I thought I had more from her, but I seem to only have one picture.  Tammy Rae does lampworking (making glass beads, pendants, and more), and her pieces are very popular among the Loose Bead Society members.  Here is a picture of her space:

There's a lot going on here, but I can tell you that everything has a place because when you're working with an open flame, you don't have time to go hunting for something.


I don't have any pictures of Kate's space, but I can tell you that her house is beautiful and airy and full of whimsical decorations.

Here's what she has to say about what she does and where she does it:
I bead. I sew. I make cards. I decorate boxes. I crochet. I make purses of various materials. I try just about any craft that comes along and have the tools required for each and every one of them!

My craft space:
I have a large "sewing" room in the basement. It is filled to overflowing with crafting materials. There is presently little counter space to work because everything is such a mess. If it were all cleaned out, if would be grand, but I never seem to get it all sorted and put away properly. So, I often end up crafting elsewhere in the house, especially the kitchen, which is sunny and bright for much of the day. I also like crafts that are portable that I can take in the car on a trip or do on my lunch at work or take to a friend's house to do while chatting.


Jeane was the last person to send me pictures and a description of her space.  It looks like she has quite a large area with lots of storage!

Here's what she has to say:

Well, I'm not as sophisticated as some... but I am a passionate beader and scrapbooker and stamper... and you certainly can "borrow" anything I do here. 

So here's a picture of my creative board... I used magnetic paint (and man, did it stink) and I just love the results.

The stamp storage closet. Actually my storage takes on many styles... and there's so much of it... do you think I ought to get rid of some stuff?

My favorite part of the room is the "tree" in the corner... and my work table... and the kitty!

She mentioned a creative board, but I don't see it in the pictures.  I DO see a number of Stampin' Up! sets, though, as well as paper and bins and the kitty!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my little contest!  Happy organizing and crafting!

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