Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scrapping with Sylvia

Since today is my friend Sylvia's birthday, I thought I would make her blush with a set of pages I scrapped about our (sniff!) one and only meeting.  She lives in Colorado (I'm in Wisconsin in case you don't know), and we were lucky to get to meet at all.  This happened almost two years ago, and I just now got around to scrapping the event.  I'm so far behind!

Now all you scrappers, don't throw tomatoes at your computer screen.  I know that 2 years behind is nothing in comparison to most people, but I'm only counting since Steve and I got together.  I have many, many years to get out of un-archival-safe albums or boxes and onto nice pretty pages.  The other reason to not throw tomatoes at your computer screen?  Very difficult to clean up, and I'm not gonna come do it for you.

I'm hoping that I got all the details of our get together right in the journaling.  This is why you should write everything down right after it happens and squirrel it away somewhere safe like Evernote.  Of course, you should have a backup on your computer in case Evernote disappears without warning, and your 10 years of journaling is - poof! - gone.  You'll cry, I'll cry, then we'll have to try to remember things again.

Or maybe we should scrap regularly so we don't have to worry about remembering what happened when we finally get around to putting pictures to paper.

Okay - now that we've all had a good laugh, let's get to the pages:


In the first picture Sylvia's petting my cat, Simoon.  This is quite rare - Simoon is very discerning with who pets her.  In the second picture, Sylvia is getting acquainted with my Gypsy.  On the second page, we have a layered shape she cut out, and, uh, she was cutting something else out in the next picture.  Yeah, that must be it!  I would never have anything out of chronological order!  Heavens, no!  And the last picture proves I was there, too.

Since we're Cricut people, I used the Cricut Everyday cartridge that was one of the Cricut Circle cartridges in its inaugural year.  It comes with a number of Cricut/Provo Craft related shapes, a font, and a number of cute scrap-related sayings like, "Caught the Bug", "Eat Sleep Scrap", "Love my E", "I need a 12x12 step program", "Scrap 'til you fall, then scrap on the floor", and one of my favorites, "Be nice or I'll crop you out!"

Alas, there was no cute Cricut-head border.  The main reason I wanted the Gypsy handheld design tool was so I could weld shapes together, so I made it myself!  I was scrapping with another Cricut friend, Jackie, and she liked the border so much that she cut a few of her own plus some other shapes from this cartridge.

Instead of trying to take pictures of the pages, I scanned them using my new Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner that my mother and step-father gave me for Christmas.  It's pretty cool in that you can take it anywhere ("Mobile"), can scan things ("Scanner") and for large pieces you can take off the cover, turn it over ("Flip") and see what you're scanning.  ("Pal" must mean that it's now my friend.)  The scan bed itself is about 4"x6".  There's a stitching program that's included with the scanner for larger scanning projects, which is really neat.  You have to have considerable overlap so the program knows what's supposed to go where, so each page above took 12 scans.  I'm still new at it, so it took a few tries to get the first page right.  I got lucky on the second page.

You're supposed to be able to scan right in the album without taking the pages out, but I tried that and found that there was a little bit of a glare in spots.  My pages don't lie completely flat in the albums, so that's probably why.  Much better to take the page out, scan it, and put it back in.  I intend on scanning all of my scrapbook pages so I have a digital copy of them.  It will take quite some time (especially if I keep screwing up), but I think it'll be worth it!

Happy birthday, Sylvia!  I hope you like the pages.  If not, well, you'll have to come back, and we'll make new pages together.  (Please?  Simoon misses you, and so do I.)


  1. Trying this again.....had problems last night!
    This is so cool!! Thanks Traci!! You did a great job and what a great birthday surprise!!!
    Don't worry about being behind.....I am 43 years behind!!!! Trying to scrap my life in order, so I am stuck in 1969!!! LOL! I do hope to visit soon, so we can scrap and play with the kitties!!! (miss you Simoon, big hugs!) And I would love to see you make your necklaces and beads!
    Thanks Traci!!


  2. Love that BORDER! I am honored that you mentioned me :-) I can,t wait to scrap together again!