Saturday, September 10, 2011

Holy Etsy, Batman!

This week I have been quite productive!  I started cleaning my studio and moved a table in.  This was no easy feat - I didn't really have room for it, but I stacked my paper holder cart things on top of each other and moved other things around.  I wanted a better Cricut station - where I had the machine before the cutting mat drooped down unless I held it, and with the weight of the magnets it fell out or moved enough to screw up the cuts.  Also, since I've been working with polymer clay more, I wanted a permanent place for my pasta machine.  My desk is too thick for the clamp, and I wouldn't have wanted it there anyway.  The room still needs lots of cleaning, but at least I have some open workspace on my desk and more space to spread out to if needed.

The other thing I've done is add many listings on Etsy.  Now, I'm not planning on "promoting" Etsy listings here (have I said that before?), but I did want to mention what I've been up to and to show you pictures of some of the new polymer clay pieces I've made since the Christi Friesen classes I took in August.  No, I'm not yet ready to show you what I scribbled about in my last blog post.  Not yet, but soon.

Here are some hearts:

Chunky heart
Heart with flower

Twisty heart
A few flowers:

Purple flower

Blue flower

Yellow flower
What's interesting about the above flowers is that they're created with the same clay, but using different colors of PearlEx changes the look completely!

Here are a few more flowers:

Blue flower adjustable ring

Blue starflower
Finally, here's a pair of "California Roll" earrings.  I also have a ring up on Etsy, and other California Roll items will be added soon.  See the second picture for the details.

Post earrings

That's not all of it, but it gives you an idea of what I've been up to.  I guess I've been busier than I thought!