Monday, August 9, 2010

Guest blogger: Debbie from Texas

Hi there!  I know I mentioned yesterday that I'd have a new project to show you today, but I'm not quite done with it yet.  Fortunately an e-mail came in today with someone else's new project!

I met Debbie and her sister, Joy, at the Cricut Circle gathering at CHA about a week and a half ago.  They were both crazy about my charm bracelet, and I saw them a number of times at the CHA Craft SuperShow that afternoon.  Debbie sent me an e-mail with a few projects that she finished recently.  I edited it slightly to take out a question she had about me joining the charm swap that's going on in the Circle.

You so inspired me that I came home and did these (the Texas charm) for the Charm Swap.

and here's what I did with the little buttons they gave us at the CHA meet and greet.  I will be adding those to my bracelet this week.

Thanks for your inspiration...your bracelet is just so totally inspired me to try this.  I posted a link to your video on the Circle MB a little while ago...hope you get some more followers out of it because you have a great blog.

Wow - thank YOU, Debbie!  Your charm came out so cute, and that's a great idea for those pins!  They'd even make good earrings using that technique.

And thanks for your promotion of my blog!  I have 4 new followers in the last day or so, and I likely have you to thank for it!

I'll try to finish the project I'm working on and post it for you tomorrow.  There's some video editing to be done, and there will be another blooper reel!  I have a feeling that is going to end up being a steady part of my blog, with as many mistakes as I make in my projects.

If you have a project you'd like to share, please e-mail me with some pictures, like Debbie did, and I'll get it posted!  My e-mail address is

Thanks again, Debbie - I was wondering how I'd get a blog post done today.  You're my hero!

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